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ITCIS Ltd, is a business operator for Russian importers/integrators interested in developing new contacts/vendors in Taiwan/China. ITCIS provides the full support for Russian/CIS partners to choose the best suppliers in Taiwan and develops long-term cooperation with our daily support locally.

The biggest problem for most of Russian importers - is the language and cultural barriers in contacts with Taiwanese companies. The main reason of this problem is because of most Russian executives and technical stuff can't speak English as good as most of business people in EU, Middle East, Latin America, Brazil or others regions. Another common problem is a distance between Russia and Taiwan and lack of trade specialist with well knowledge of Russian language and culture in Taiwanese companies. Also the price/quality/service support from Korea and some EU countries make difficult for Russian companies to choose Taiwan suppliers, if only there is no professional language/business support Team that can make the cooperation smoothly.

As soon as Russia is a part of BRIC with predicted GDP Growth 2.5% in 2010 year, and GDP with around 1.5 billion US$, country has a great potential for import of industrial and high-tech product made in Taiwan/by Taiwan in China.

Most of Russian companies contacting our ITCIS Representatives in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus are express great interest in cooperation with Taiwanese manufactories, but they mostly worries about communication and business service support, that comes to be a key to successful business and long-term partnership between Russian and Taiwanese companies.

We truly hope, that can apply our ITCIS Team professionalism, experience, rich database, marketing and sales skills for developing new business for our Taiwanese partners in Russia and CIS region.

Finally, ITCIS is likely the only one Company in a region that can promise for its partners 24-hours support in Russian/Chinese/English for the best business service and business results can be achieved by win-win cooperation.

Aleksandr Du

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Business news

19 December

ITCIS representatives took part in Taiwan Business Leader’s Forum

Our Company represantatives have shared ideas about business perspectives of future cooperation between Taiwan and CIS

18 November

ITCIS has participated in PTS exhibition in Belarus

Our Company has visited Belarus and participated in one of the biggest local exhibition